Dubai Tour Attractions

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Thrilling hot air balloon tour is something that thrill loving people would never refuse. It is a thrilling and overwhelming experience to enjoy carpet like ride on the sand dunes and watch gazelles, emerald green oases, and huge camels. It is one such activity that a person of all ages would enjoy experiencing.

Dubai Helicopter Tour

See all Dubai`s landmarks from above and wow your friends with photos that only a select few get the chance to take. We oer 15 & 25 minutes sightseeing ights on sharing basis from 1 to 5 persons as well as ights on exclusive basis for 15, 25, 45 & 60 minutes.

Dubai Jet Ski

Try Jet Skiing once and you will remember the thrill and excitement of powering across the water for the rest of your life. Jet Skiing is a brilliant answer for all those paddlers desperate for the motorbike eect on water.

At the Top Burj Khalifah

Leave the reception area aboard the 65-metre-long travelator on a trip that transports you through time, from the earliest days of Dubai to the present. Pause briey at a unique viewing point for your rst close-up view of the soaring Burj Khalifa, seen through a skylight framing its awe-inspiring height.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium is an amazing place, where you are guaranteed to meet some of the most beautiful animals that inhabit our oceans and have lots of fun with them.


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